By giving the gift of Structure, you engage in a small act of empathy. 

You can offer a meaningful gift to your friends and family, and you can directly provide a home for a family in need of one. By dedicating your Structure to someone in your life, you're not only creating impactful change in the world, you're also sharing kindness from community to community.

Partner organization AKAH setting up a Structure site in South East Tajikistan.Partner organization AKAH setting up a Structure site in South East Tajikistan. © AKAH

Structures have been dedicated to the following people around the world as part of the official launch of Structure, February 2021.


Alex Z

Allen & V


Andrew & Clay

Anna Karlin

Anna Mangelus

Anthony & Kindra L

Ari and Kai

Ariel & Atara

Aurora Louie

Billie H

Bobby and Courtney L

Brentley & Lera

Brian N

Brooke Geahan

Bryan & Nina

Carla S

Catherine Riley

Chloe G

Chris & Pollyanna

Christine Schneider & Rhoni Seguin

Conrad W

Daevaun Robert Broom


Danay G


David & Carter

David B

Dedicated to our children Emma & James Riley

Dedicated to the great team at Better Shelter

Dustin B

Elissa P

Ellyn G

Emma & Graham

Emma R

Emma Riley

Everyone in need

For my family. Thank you

Gemma Rose

George MacPherson

Harris & Stephanie


James and Jean L

Jared T

Jay FJed & Charlotte

Jeff Dickhaus

Jesse B

Johan Echardt

Jon S

Josefine Nilsson

Kelly F

Kenzi K

Kevin & Katie

Leila Behmoaras

Lena Måhl

Linnea Kaya

Madde, Lina, Gabriella, Hanna, Matilda, Rebecka

Malin Lindquist

Marc R

Maritza Coscarelli


Matt S

Mo M

Nancy K

Nick & Lauren


Paul Stuart

Randeep Saini

Ray Wynn

Robert & Michelle

Roger & Nicole

Rohit and Marisa J

Rohit G

Sally and Larry

Sara B

Sasha & Oli

Scott & Michael



Steve and Kaitlyn B

Studio Designboard

Susan Lauren

Tara & Bryan

Thomas Kamei


To any person who gets to live here, loving a stranger is also important

To anyone who needs it more than me

To those in need


Wilma, Viktor, Joakim

Dedication list is updated daily.