'Seeking Shanti'

A children's picture book about climate displacement.

'Seeking Shanti' is a project dreamt up to provide millennial parents around the world a tool to discuss climate disasters and displacement with their children.

'Seeking Shanti' was crafted through the lens of a young, rural girl and her Father who encounter extreme weather, realizing in the midst of chaos how important family, community and the safety and security of home is to all.

'Seeking Shanti' was developed by Jesse Byrd - children's book author, Sandy Kaur Gill - educator and children's book author, and Mónica Rodriguez  - an illustrator based in Puerto Rico with special thanks to Ramya Velury and Emma Riley. 

Proceeds from the purchase of this book will fund Structure homes, built as semi-permanent sustainable shelters for displaced families in rural areas around the world. 

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