Why Structure?

The emergent climate migrant crisis will be the defining social catastrophe of our generation. Millions of people are expected to lose their homes and livelihood in hurricanes and floods due to the changing climate in the coming decades.

Vijeesh and Gopika in front of their Structure in Kerala, India, November 2020. © Sameer Raichur


Whether small or large, messy or tidy, loud or calm, it is a safe, familiar space where you can rest and recharge after a long day. Where you gather with your family. Where you can be yourself. Where you learn and develop, laugh and love, argue and make up. 

Imagine having all of this destroyed in a hurricane. The place that has shielded you from the outside world is gone. Your livelihood and everything material you once held dear is destroyed, and now you have nowhere to go. 

This is what millions of people experience every year. And the number is growing, compounded by the effects of the climate crisis. Global warming is making hurricanes stronger and more destructive. Droughts and heat waves are becoming more intense, and are expected to make entire regions unlivable in the future. 

We have to work on these challenges together, form a global movement not bound by borders to create not only progress and a solution, but hope.